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You're just a small-town snake, but you've heard stories about three legendary giants that have been locked away for years, undefeated by any other legless reptile in the world. You yearn for something more, so you head to their caverns and fight them alongside their endless armies...

The goal of the game is to clear the waves of enemies that come at you and reach the boss. Hitting any part of your enemies will kill them instantly, unless they are a boss, then it will reduce their length. However, hitting the tail or the head of an enemy will result in both of you dying, so be careful. This same system is how enemies can kill you, as well.

Controls are mostly simple; the snake moves on its own, so aim the cursor at what you want it to move towards. Right-click to boost; this grants you greater speed in exchange for longer length, which will make you more vulnerable to enemies.

Will you be able to defeat the three biggest snakes in the land and get the glory you seek?


SnakeJam.rar 44 MB

Install instructions

Open up the rar and click the exe

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